Now more than ever, cities are looking to address their challenges in ways that strengthen the entire urban ecosystem and ensure their vibrancy in the face of an uncertain future. To build resilience that will enable them to grow and thrive in the 21st century, cities around the world need innovative tools, services, and solutions.

100RC creates a unique space in which forward-thinking cities are working together to strengthen the entire urban ecosystem and ensure their vibrancy in the face of an uncertain future. Through our work we have gained a deeper understanding of cities’ resilience priorities and the kinds of tools and services they need to fulfill them.

With 80 strategies still to be published, and all 100 of them to be implemented, 100RC will continue to uncover new insights into what the world’s cities will need as they build their resilience. Moreover, we are already seeing examples of the resilience movement spreading beyond our 100-city network, with non-member cities exploring the possibility of hiring a Chief Resilience Officer or otherwise applying a resilience lens to their planning.

One thing is clear – cities can formulate policies and learn from one another, but resilient cities can only be built with collaboration from the private sector. We have already witnessed rapid uptake of the initial resilience products that companies have brought to market in response to the demands of our cities.

As you and your company invest in the communities and economies of the 21st century, thinking and planning “at city-scale” will become ever-more important, with an ever-growing market for the most optimal and scalable solutions to pressing urban challenges. 100RC’s vanguard network of cities is leading the charge.


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